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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Soul Names

Hi all, brightest blessings...........
I find it interesting that some people dont see the possibility of the 'soul' having a name to which it is referred on high.My personal opinion would have to be to disagree with this as I do truly believe all souls are given one name by which they are known incarnation after incarnation in the higher realms.In my own communication with on-high , usually through the Angelic realm I have always been referred to as Raihn. It is a name that was given to me & that I have used for a long time now. I was even given the correct spelling of it so that I was sure to add the letter 'h' , which I was told is an important part of my name.In all my dealings& work with the ascended masters & the angelic realms I am always referred to as Raihn.
Recently, i have expanded my spiritual path by offering Angelic Messages/readings/guidance for people. In all readings I have received to date, i have been given the name the person is known by on-high - I have been told this is indeed a soul name which carries within it incredible strength & spiritual power. Should this name be adopted by the person in their spirtual work here on earth, the power of that name activates. I dont know how, i can only repeat what I have been told.
In almost allcases, the soul name has been a name that resonates deeply with the person receiving the reading - in one such case, I have heard today, a beautiful, young woman is actually taking legal steps to change her name legally to the soul name she has been given, so profound is the effect this name has had on her.
Basically, I believe we are named on high & that we keep that name through life after life until we reach the point of divine ascention where we revert to it for ever.
I feel this explains that many ascended masters lay claim to previous incarnations , eg:Ascended Master Lord Sanada who in one of his many incarnations was Jesus Christ & Lord Matraya who was Buddah. There are many more & when their work is done on the earth plane they revert to their true name, the soul name. Basically our earth name is just that - a part of the suit we have decided to wear for this life time.
I feel & believe this is true for all of us.
thoughts or comments ?


jess said...

how would one go about learning their soul's name?

satori said...

do you feel that it is important to know your soul's name while here on earth?
should we know at this point?
after ascension would it be like.."ummm...since you already know your true name we'll just skip to the next part of checking in"...:)
I would like to know my soul name if possible, but can wait as well.
~satori laurel
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